Donate in Memory of Laura Ramos

We lost a member of the MRINetwork family during the devastating earthquake that recently hit Mexico City.  Laura Ramos was a valued member of Carlos Rivera's MRI Mexico City office.

Laura started in 2003, initially as a Project Coordinator. Over the following years she became more and more proficient in our work and she became Project Leader, Account Executive and finally Commercial Manager. This was a result of her hard work and warm human qualities, combined with her intensity and commitment to excel.

Laura had a challenging life, as she became a single mother at a young age, and without any support she was able to raise and educate her only daughter Renata.

Laura´s life moved around Renata´s life. In fact Laura was saving money to help complete Renata´s graduate studies in the U.S.

Laura was beyond a hard worker, reliable colleague, a very caring mother and a very good friend in our family.

Please click the "Donate to Paypal" link to the right, to help fulfill Laura's dream of sending her daughter Renata to graduate school.